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Mold Exposure and Health Conditions | Mold Removal in Newton, IA

May 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

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As part of the natural ecosystem, molds play a role in nature by breaking down organic matter such as dead trees and fallen leaves. Indoors, however, mold growth should be avoided. A mold infestation will produce billions of spores that invisibly float through the air. If you recently experienced water or moisture in your home due to the spring thaw, a leaky pipe, or excessive humidity, be aware of mold and the hazards it can have on your health. The team at ServiceMaster of Newton can assist you in mold removal and step in to clean and dry your floors, walls, and other items to avoid problems with mold in the future.

If you have allergies or asthma, you may already experience itching, irritation of the eyes, a runny nose, cough, and congestion during the spring season. However, if exposed to mold, you, as well as those individuals with existing health conditions, may be more sensitive to mold exposure. Mold is most often found on floors, ceilings, walls, and carpets exposed to moisture. Another troublesome hiding place for mold is inside ductwork. Left untreated, mold has free reign to continually circulate spores in your air supply and infiltrate every part of your home.

Sewage problems, a broken water pipe, a defective sump pump, or any other means of water seeping into your home makes it easier for mold to form, thereby putting your health at risk with wheezing, sneezing, coughing, and even more severe symptoms and problems such as asthma. Interaction with mold can cause irritation of the eyes, skin rashes, and other less severe symptoms. It is important to know what to look for if you suspect you have mold growing in your home.

May is Clean Air Month. If you notice that you have visible mold growing on the walls, ceilings, floors, or furniture in your home, take action as soon as possible as it could negatively or severely affect you and your family’s health. Do your best to live in a clean and healthy environment. Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Newton today. Our trained, professional mold remediation team stands ready to remove any visible mold from your home and clean and dry your items to avoid problems with potential mold growth in the future.

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