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ServiceMaster of Newton’s Carpet Cleaning Services in Newton, IA: The Finishing Touch to Your List of Carpet Cleaning Tips

November 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

There is something to say about being able to walk into your home and relax in a living room that has pristine carpeting. Okay, maybe having a clean carpet isn’t the main thing that will help someone relax after a long day, but who enjoys arriving to a house where the carpet is riddled with stains and pockets of dirt? When deciding to put carpet on your residential flooring, you’ll have to keep on top of its maintenance if you wish to preserve its quality. The following tips will help save the look of your carpeting, however, it will need deep cleaning every now and then to make sure it doesn’t lose that brand new look. For folks in Newton, IA, you can call upon ServiceMaster of Newton for our carpet cleaning services.

The following information comes from the Carpet Buyer’s Handbook to help keep your carpet looking fresh:

Look at the Carpet Care Instructions

Carpets, like clothes, usually have instructions for how they are supposed to be cleaned. Different types of carpet fibers have certain demands. For example, silk fibers can get damaged by high temperatures and become weaker when exposed to water. Carpets with wool fibers need to be cleaned with neutral detergents because alkalis and bleach-based cleaners are harmful to wool fibers.

Cleaning Areas On the Outer Parts of Your Home and Around the Carpet

No one really thinks of this, but it makes complete sense. When walking inside the house you’ll be dragging in dirt from the garage, your front entrance, or the back patio. Sweeping and cleaning these areas will do well to prevent dirt from getting inside the house. It will also help to put down a carpet runner to collect dirt from your shoes. When the outer areas are covered, you’ll also want a tight grip on the areas surrounding your carpet inside the house. Thoroughly cleaning these spots can prevent the transfer of dirt and crumbs to the carpet.

Using these tips will help keep your living room carpet looking nice. Deep carpet cleaning, however, is still a periodic requirement. For the thorough and correct cleaning your particular type of carpeting requires in Newton, IA, give ServiceMaster of Newton a call. Our carpet cleaning services will safeguard the quality and pleasure of owning a spotless carpet.

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