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Cross-Contamination in the Office: How Commercial Cleaning in Newton, IA Can Help

October 1st, 2018 · No Comments

An office space filled with employees can be a breeding ground for sickness. It’s not uncommon to have one employee come down with the flu or stomach virus and then have several more out with the same sickness over the next few days. As an office manager or business owner, it’s essential that commercial cleaning services be provided for a Newton, IA business. This can help to avoid any cross-contamination of surfaces, which is the main reason why sickness occurs in an office space.


Why is Everyone Getting Sick?

In an office environment, there are tools and spaces that are used by the general population. This can include a copy and fax machine, the refrigerator, bathrooms, etc. These areas are touched by the hands of everyone. If someone is sick, they’re transferring their germs to everything they touch. Without regular commercial cleaning, you’re sure to see the individuals of your Newton, IA business becoming sick, one right after another.


Even if you encourage employees to wash their hands regularly, as you should, there’ll still be contamination of the office. Door handles, countertops, and other surfaces can be breeding grounds for sickness. With regular cleaning there’ll be a decrease in the number of germs in the office which helps employees stay healthy so productivity can continue.


Regular Commercial Cleaning Service

With our commercial cleaning services in Newton, IA, we can provide regular options for your office environment. With regularly scheduled cleaning your office will be free of germs as every surface will be cleaned on a continual basis. Customized cleaning plans can be created to ensure your business stays as clean as it can, cutting down on the number of germs in the office. This way employees can skip getting sick just because someone in the office has come down with the flu or another contagious disease.


Let our team of cleaning professionals help you with all your office cleaning needs. Contact our office today at (641) 792-9580 to learn more about our service options and schedule a consultation.

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