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How to Clean Your House Fast and the Importance of Professional Residential Cleaning in Newton, IA

October 8th, 2020 · No Comments

For many people, cleaning isn’t just a chore – it’s a pain. They would rather drink sour milk or have a tooth pulled than wipe down counters and vacuum the carpet. While this might sound a bit melodramatic, to put in simply, not everybody is thrilled about taking steps to make their living space a cleaner place. They like the idea of a clean, safe home (especially if they have kids), but doing the work can feel tedious, wearying, and monotonous. It can take all day, but it doesn’t have to. Not if you know what you’re doing and you refer to the tips below. Looking into professional residential cleaning is one option, but if you want to do it yourself (and quickly), we hope this information will help.


Finish One Spot Before You Move to Another

Some people think they need to zip from one end of the room to the other, quickly wiping or dusting something, then coming back to finish dusting or wiping something else. If you take this approach, it will take you a lot longer to clean a room because of sloppy mistakes. To ensure you won’t have to come back and fix issues later, focus on one section before you move to the next. For example, wipe down all the counters in the kitchen before you move on to dusting the pantry shelves or throwing out expired food in the fridge.


Take Your Supplies with You

You might be leaving your cleaning supplies in the family room, coming back for them again and again, up and down the stairs, instead of bringing them with you. This is another way people waste time while cleaning. If you don’t want to use a residential cleaning service, you can make it easy on yourself by putting everything in an apron pocket or bucket to carry around with you.


Clean Messes as You Make Them

Spill a drink? Wipe it up! Did your dog leave muddy prints on the hardwood floor? Clean it up! If you clean things as they happen, especially spills, this will help you avoid the need for water damage restoration, among other things.


Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA today for reliable residential cleaning assistance. We can be reached directly online or at (641) 792-9580.

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