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Eliminating Common Indoor Bacteria With Professional Floor Cleaning in Newton, IA

September 12th, 2017 · No Comments

Although we can’t see it, we live in a world swarming with bacteria. Thousands of microbes crawl in our eyebrows alone, not to mention the massive amounts of bacteria covering the rest of our bodies. Fortunately, most of these types of bacteria are harmless. However, for every hundred thousand bacteria that don’t pose a threat, there are several that can negatively affect human health. These dangerous bacteria might be lurking in your home or business, and the dirtier your indoor environment, the more likely the presence of these harmful bacteria. Fortunately, ServiceMaster of Newton provides floor cleaning in Newton, IA, to significantly reduce the risk of infection from bacteria indoors.

Of the thousands of bacteria in your home or your workspace, there are several common types found in indoor environments of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Staphylococcus: This type of bacteria ranges in strains that can cause a number of different health problems. Staphylococcus doesn’t need oxygen to reproduce and can thrive on any types of flooring from hardwood to carpeting. Common afflictions caused by Staphylococcus infections include food poisoning and infections on the skin. More severe infections can lead to toxic shock syndrome, and persistent Staphylococcus strains (MRSA) are not treatable with common antibiotics.
  2. Bacillus: This type of bacteria is a two-sided coin. While Bacillus is often harmless and can be found in the soil, the dust in your building, and even in your digestive system, there are times when it can be just as dangerous as Staphylococcus. Certain strains of Bacillus cause severe food poisoning in humans and can lead to life-threatening infections. A clean floor can eliminate the dust and dirt that may expose your indoor environment to Bacillus.
  3. coli: While E. coli is commonly associated with fecal matter, and you may be hoping there isn’t excrement on your floors, it’s common for tiny particulates of animal waste to be tracked indoors on shoes and pets. Exposure to any E. coli clinging to those particles can lead to bacterial infections with symptoms like severe diarrhea and anemia. Acute E. coli infections can cause kidney failure and death. The dangers of any E. coli lurking in your indoor environment are virtually erased with a professional, sanitizing floor cleaning.
  4. Salmonella: Although Salmonella is commonly found in foods like raw chicken and eggs, it’s possible for it to linger on your floors on certain particulates like pet feces and rodent dander. Exposure to Salmonella will likely lead to food poisoning and long-term infections with symptoms such as fever, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. A clean floor will prevent exposure to Salmonella in most cases.

Don’t risk the exposure of these bacteria to your indoor environment. Instead, prevent the danger of bacteria-covered dirt from remaining in your home or business and take advantage of a professional floor cleaning in Newton, IA, today. Contact ServiceMaster of Newton at (641) 792-9580 for a service request.

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