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Why Fall is the Best Time to Take Advantage of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Newton, IA

September 18th, 2017 · No Comments

As winter quickly approaches and the final days of summer fun are spent outdoors, most homeowners start to turn their focus back towards the state of the inside environment in their houses. While cleaning is not usually totally neglected during the summer, many homes receive less attention from their inhabitants as more time is spent outside. However, with cold weather on the way, it’s the best time to start making your indoor environment the most comfortable and healthy as possible as you and your family spend the winter cozily inside. ServiceMaster of Newton offers professional carpet cleaning in Newton, IA, to provide your family with contaminant-free carpeting this fall.

While spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition, and there are valid reasons for a deep carpet cleaning during the summer and winter, fall is the truly optimal time to take advantage of a professional carpet cleaning service for several reasons.

  1. Actual Dirt: While there are many kinds of contaminating particles we consider “dirt” when it comes to your indoor environment, soil from the earth is one kind of dirt that can collect more rapidly during the spring and summer than any other time of year. This dirt contains heavy minerals, abrasive large particulates like sand, and bacteria clinging to fertilizer, and decomposing natural materials. By the time fall arrives, the soil content in your carpets is at its peak. Taking advantage of a professional deep carpet cleaning during the fall will protect your carpets from an increase in fiber damage during the winter, and it will keep you and your family safe from potentially toxic particles while your home is sealed from the cold.
  2. Mold and Plant Matter: While mold spores are present virtually everywhere, even during winter months, the spring and summer are when the possibility of mold growth is increased as the environment becomes more conducive to fungi survival. These mold colonies may be growing in your carpets by the time fall comes around. Mold toxins in combination with accumulated pollens and plant particulates can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and several other health issues if they’re allowed to remain in your carpets over the winter. With a professional carpet cleaning in the fall, these contaminants will be removed from your carpet fibers, significantly decreasing your exposure to health-damaging substances gathered in your home during the spring and summer.

A professional deep carpet cleaning is most effective during the fall when natural dirt and contaminants in your carpet fibers are at their highest levels. For more information about our comprehensive carpet cleaning in Newton, IA, contact ServiceMaster of Newton at (641) 792-9580 today.

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