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Get a Handle on Allergies With Regularly Scheduled Carpet Cleaning in Newton, IA

May 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Are you sneezing regularly at home? Is your nose constantly running and you can’t seem to figure out what’s causing your allergies to act up? If you have carpeting in the home, it could be just that. Your flooring can easily contribute to allergy issues if not cleaned on a regular basis. Over time, dust, pet dander, and other allergens will gather within the fibers of carpeting. These allergens can easily create issues within your own health or others in the home. With regular carpet cleaning in Newton, IA by professionals, you can feel better instantly as all allergens are removed.

The Problem With Carpeting

While carpeting is a comfortable and visually appealing flooring type, it’s also one that will create allergies in the home. The fibrous material that carpeting is made of can hold on to allergens such as pet dander and dust. Over time, the allergens build up within the fibers and are in the air as you sit in the carpeted space. You’re breathing in the allergens, which then lead to allergy flare-ups including sneezing and runny nose. With regular carpet cleaning in your Newton, IA home, you will see a big difference in your overall health, including how your allergies affect the body.

The Process of Carpet Cleaning

When you schedule regular carpet cleaning in Newton, IA, you will find that the process is quick and affordable. The carpeting is assessed and then the cleaning process begins. Treatments for stains or tough areas will be completed and a hot water extraction process will be used to remove all contaminants from deep within the carpet fibers. In no time, you will see a distinct difference in how your carpeting looks as well as how you feel in the space.

Over time, you will notice that sneezing and other allergy symptoms will happen less and less, as the allergens are no longer sitting deep in your carpeting. At ServiceMaster of Newton, we provide quality carpet services to ensure you have a healthy home. Contact our office today to learn more about our carpet cleaning services or to schedule an appointment at (641) 792-9580.

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