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Removing Grout Haze and Restoring Grout Color With Professional Floor Cleaning in Newton, IA

December 19th, 2017 · No Comments

Tiling can add a unique look to any home or business, from the classical style of white marble to colorful hand-painted ceramics. However, virtually all types of tiles installed with grouting require special treatment to maintain their quality in the long term. Because tiling is often a large investment for your home or business, it’s important to protect your tiled surfaces with the care they need. When you choose ServiceMaster of Newton for professional floor cleaning in Newton, IA, you can expect reliable, high-quality care for your tiling, no matter the material.

Tiles made from porcelain, terracotta, stones, glass, metal, other clays, cement, and even wood have to be installed using a combination of tile adhesive and grout to fill the spaces between the tiles. While grouting is effective in keeping tiling together as a cohesive unit and prevents any contaminants from sneaking beneath tiles, it can cause some problems of its own when it comes to keeping tiles clean.

Grout Haze

During installation, traces of grout can be left on your tiles if wiped away poorly. This trace of grout may not be visible, but it can act as a sticky surface for soap and dirt buildup. An accumulated substance on trace grout is called grout haze, and it can discolor your tiles, keeping them from looking perfectly clean. Our floor-cleaning technicians can fully clean dirt and soap residue from your tiles and effectively remove any traces of grouting that may be stuck to your tiles.

Grout Discoloration

 Because grouting is such a porous material, it can capture and hold moisture and organic materials for extended periods of time. When this happens, it makes an environment conducive to mold growth on your grouting. Even with a good scrubbing, mold growths will quickly return, discoloring your grouting and making your tiled floors look unclean. Our expert floor-cleaning technicians have quality equipment and cleaning solutions that completely remove mold and dirt discoloration from your grouting without damaging its integrity.

If you’re facing grout haze and darkened grouting on your tile floors, look no further than ServiceMaster of Newton for high-quality floor cleaning in Newton, IA. For more information about our residential and commercial cleaning services, contact us at (641) 792-9580 today.

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