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What Makes ScotchGard™ Work and Why We Offer It With Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Newton, IA

April 5th, 2017 · No Comments

At ServiceMaster of Newton, we provide the comprehensive, expert cleaning your carpets need to maintain their quality and longevity. Taking advantage of our professional carpet cleaning will ensure a pristine, healthy indoor environment for your home or business and protect your carpet investment in the long term. Our cleaning technicians are trained in IICRC-certified cleaning practices and have access to high quality green cleaning products to treat your carpets with the care they need. To keep your carpeting protected after each professional carpet cleaning in Newton, IA, ServiceMaster of Newton applies a thorough ScotchGard™ treatment.

In 2003, the ScotchGard™ products used for protecting fabrics and carpeting began using a new formula with perfluorobutanesulfonic acid as the key active ingredient. This new recipe has a lower toxicity rating, a decreased impact on the environment, and is generally safer to use around people and pets.

Perfluorobutanesulfonic Acid

As the main ingredient to the majority of ScotchGard’s™ powerful carpet and upholstery treatments, perfluorobutanesulfonic acid (PFBS) has a big responsibility. Not only does it have to coat and protect your carpeting from stains, abrasive particulates, and odors, it also has to do it gently without damaging the fibers, glue, or backing of your carpets. It also has to be safe for exposure to people, infants, children, and pets.

The reason we’ve chosen ScotchGard™ as part of our professional carpet cleaning treatment at ServiceMaster of Newton is because it meets all of these demands with gusto.

What is PFBS?

PFBS is a surfactant compound of carbon, fluorocarbon, and sulfonic acid. As a surfactant, PFBS coats the fibers of your carpet and creates a lower surface tension when those fibers come into contact with liquids. This means that ScotchGard™ prevents stains and other liquid contaminants from damaging your carpets. Additionally—although it is classified as a fluorosurfactant like the chemicals used in previous ScotchGard™ formulas (e.g. PFOSA, PFOS, and PFOA)—PFBS is a much safer alternative. Using this environmentally-conscious ScotchGard™ treatment means that you will have a healthier indoor environment primarily because the half-life (the amount of time a chemical takes to decline at least half of its original value) of PFBS is much shorter than other fluorosurfactants. With ScotchGard™, any minor dangers that PFBS may pose will virtually disappear in around a month, compared to the years it takes other fluorosurfactants to recede.

Chemicals used in high power cleaning products have come a long way in terms of health effects, sustainability, and quality. For this reason, ServiceMaster of Newton includes a full ScotchGard™ treatment when you choose us for comprehensive, professional carpet cleaning in Newton, IA. For more information, contact us at (641) 792-9580 today.

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