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Vandalism Cleanup: Getting Your Property Back to Normal

March 4th, 2014 · No Comments

Newton IA Vandalism Cleanup by ServiceMaster of Newton

Vandalism: An action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property (Webster’s Dictionary).

Vandalism can range from a small bit of graffiti or a broken window to a break and enter situation where the entire home, school or business is ransacked and suffers extreme damage. Although we often don’t know or understand why vandalism happens, there may be a number of reasons. Examples such as peer pressure, a dare, a form of self-expression or art, jealousy, a feeling of being in power, or even gang initiation. Any and all of these reasons have a negative impact on the home or business owner and often times leaves them with a sense of fear, betrayal, and anger. Nonetheless, when vandalism occurs, it leaves a huge and sometimes expensive mess. ServiceMaster of Newton acts quickly to aid you in both residential and commercial vandalism cleanup to prevent further loss and damage.

Some vandals work in groups and most vandals are young people who vandalize out of boredom, anger, or just to be out with friends. Take action as a community and take pride in your surroundings. Work with law enforcement and community leaders and then teach what you know and learn to other teenagers and younger children.
ServiceMaster of Newton uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment which enables the homeowner or business to return to the previous condition in a quick and complete way. The trained professionals go above and beyond expectations to arrive on the scene as quickly as possible and efficiently disinfect and deodorize if necessary, ensuring that the property is left in a clean and sanitary position when the time comes for the owners to move back in. The act of vandalism takes its toll on the human spirit and may leave owners with a feeling of betrayal or fear. Our professional and experienced staff will be sympathetic to your needs, go above and beyond expectations, and strive to turn the situation into just a bad memory.

Vandalism cleanup is no fun for anyone and takes its toll on the victim and the community. Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Newton for any vandalism cleanup you may need. Their trained staff will provide the services you need in an efficient, sympathetic way.

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