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Wax On, Wax Off: What to Know About Preparation and Maintenance When It Comes to Waxing Your Floor in Newton, IA and Utilizing ServiceMaster of Newton to Assist You with Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

August 15th, 2015 · No Comments

Having a clean and shiny floor in your Newton, IA store is essential for keeping your customers satisfied. An important part of preserving the condition of your commercial floor is properly waxing and caring for the wax coating. When correctly preparing your commercial floor to be waxed and practicing appropriate floor maintenance, you should have no trouble preserving the coating as long as possible. Unfortunately, there will always be a time when the floor needs to be stripped and a new coat of wax applied. This is where ServiceMaster of Newton comes in with our commercial floor cleaning services.

Without adequate preparation, you will never be satisfied when getting your commercial floors waxed. According to ehow, preparation for floor waxing simply means cleaning. Having too much dirt and grit on the floor makes it harder for the wax to stick to the floor. Before applying the wax, make sure the floor is thoroughly swept and mopped using a lighter amount of water. Once the surface is dry, the stripping and waxing of the floor may begin. Then comes the ongoing maintenance after waxing is completed.

If preparation isn’t the most important task when it comes to commercial floor waxing, then maintenance is. Luckily, there are a few useful tips when trying to prolong the life of your new wax coating:

  1. Use appropriate cleaning chemicals- when cleaning up spills or other messes, ensure you are using cleaning supplies that are floor wax friendly.
  2. Use the correct cleaning equipment- certain types of brushes and pads could rub off the floor wax. A recommended material for cleaning equipment is microfiber due to its low abrasion rating.
  3. Lay down matts/floor rugs at the entrance- as stated on Pella, a clever way to prevent customers from dragging mud and dirt into your store is by putting a rug at the entry way. This will also make it easier when the time comes to put a new coat of wax on the floor.

As stated before, the time will always come for a fresh coat of wax to be applied to your commercial floor in Newton, IA. ServiceMaster of Newton stands ready to assist you with our commercial floor cleaning services. Whether or not you use the information above, we will properly strip and wax the floor in your commercial facility and help keep everyone satisfied. Give us a call today to arrange a onetime commercial floor cleaning service or set up an annual schedule!

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