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Refresh Your Flooring with Tile Cleaning in Newton, IA

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Tile flooring is a common option that homeowners are choosing today when it comes to home renovations. Tile flooring is often used in the kitchen and bathroom of the home to create a sturdy base for the space. Tile is a durable material that will stand the test of time if cared for properly. Tile must first be installed with care and precision, then cleaned on a regular basis to maintain color and performance. With regular tile cleaning in your Newton, IA home, you can expect to find your tile flooring looking it’s very best for years to come.

Alternative to Standard Sweeping and Mopping

With professional tile cleaning in Newton, IA, you have access to an alternative to the standard sweeping and mopping cleaning processes. While you should sweep and mop your tile on a regular basis, a deep clean is needed to remove deep-set dirt and grime.

Over time, dirt can become ground into the tile and the grout between the tiles. Even with sweeping and mopping, dirt can still be present. Specialized commercial cleaning options need to be provided for your tile flooring in order to ensure a proper clean. With this cleaning process, your tile will be revived and look as shiny and new as when first installed.

A kitchen can be a particularly dirty place due to heavy foot traffic plus spills from cooking and eating. With professional tile cleaning in Newton, IA, this filth is removed. No more grease stains or sticky surfaces as your tile is cleaned to perfection. Our experts know how to clean all types of tile, ensuring that your tile is cared for and in excellent condition once the cleaning process is complete.

Whether you need tile cleaning in your home or place of business, we can help. Contact our office today to learn more about our tile cleaning services and schedule an appointment. We look forward to providing you with excellent cleaning services for your tile needs. Give us a call today at (641) 792-9580. Our experts are standing by to answer any tile cleaning questions you may have.

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Revive Old Furnishings with Upholstery Cleaning in Newton, IA

April 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

It doesn’t take long for furniture to look worn and dirty, especially if you have children in the home. Gone are the days when furniture was covered in plastic and basically looked at instead of used! Today, homeowners spend big bucks to have the best sofa, loveseat, accent chairs, and more in the home. A majority of the furniture found in homes today have upholstery. The fabrics of furniture can be of the highest quality but still be subject to wear and tear, needing to be cleaned on a regular basis. Even if you’ve had your furniture for years, it can benefit from a deep clean. Learning more about upholstery cleaning in Newton, IA will ensure the integrity of your furniture for years to come, reviving old pieces to look like new!

Reviving Old Furniture with Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you have older furniture in the home or just purchased a few used or antique pieces, the items can be revived with our upholstery cleaning services in Newton, IA. Over time, dirt can easily set into the fibers of the furniture fabric. The color of the fabric becomes dingy, and stains may be present. With professional upholstery cleaning, the dirt will be removed, and the furniture restored to its former state, reviving the color and making the furniture look like new!

Investing in Your Furniture

It can cost a pretty penny to continue to replace furniture after it begins to look worn or dirty. With the help of our upholstery cleaning in Newton, IA, furniture will look as good as new and last for much longer than anticipated. You’ll be protecting your investment and pay less over time for furniture as you can continue to use the pieces you love in the home. You’ll also extend the life of your furniture while keeping it looking pristine and new.

To learn more about our upholstery services, contact our office today at (641) 792-9580. Give us a call and schedule an appointment for your furniture cleaning needs.

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Get Your Home Market Ready with Residential Cleaning in Newton, IA

March 8th, 2018 · No Comments

Deciding to move and sell your current home is a big step, but difficult to prepare for if your life is already filled with work and family obligations. How are you going to find the time to prepare your home for listing? Thankfully, there’s a solution to get you started. ServiceMaster of Newton provides residential cleaning services for your Newton, IA home and can help you prepare your home for sale. From floor cleaning to one-time home cleanings, we offer everything you need to prepare your home for the market.

 Having a Clean Home Before Putting it on the Market

One of the most important considerations when listing your home for sale is how clean it is. When potential buyers enter your home, they’re trying to picture themselves living there. Dirty carpeting and grimy hard surface floors can quickly and negatively impact their first impressions. With our residential cleaning options, your Newton, IA home can be cleaned and ready for listing, helping you to find a buyer quickly.

It’s inevitable. As time progresses, carpeting and hard surface flooring will become dirty and stained and look worse for wear. With our cleaning service options your flooring will be revitalized and create a clean slate for the showing of your home. Carpeting is revived with our cleaning tools and methods, ensuring only the freshest and cleanest carpeting. Hard surface flooring is thoroughly cleaned to remove accumulated grime and stains so potential home buyers can see the true beauty of your flooring.

 One-time Cleaning

Between work and the kids, you have no time to thoroughly clean your home. You’ll be busy boxing up personal items to stage the home for listing and may not have enough time to complete a deep clean as you would like to. With the help of ServiceMaster by Newton, a deep clean is possible. With our residential cleaning one-time home service, we can ensure your Newton, IA home is ready for listing!

To learn more about our quality cleaning services, give our office a call at (641) 792-9580 today.

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Preserve Your Business Flooring With Commercial Cleaning in Newton, IA From ServiceMaster of Newton

March 1st, 2018 · No Comments

When it comes to operating a business, as the owner, you have a lot on your schedule. You must take care of employee needs, operate the daily functions of the business, and more, while completing everything within the workday. Because of your schedule, you most likely do not have time to worry about such issues as clean flooring. You see a spot on the floor from time to time or notice that the main lobby flooring is a bit sticky, but forget to have someone clean it up until after hours. When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your flooring, the best way to ensure a quality surface is with commercial cleaning in Newton, IA. With quality floor cleaning services, you can preserve your flooring, ensuring employees and clients have a safe walking environment.

While flooring is never thought of, it’s essential to a business. When a client walks into your business, they notice everything, even the flooring. If the carpeting appears dirty and stained, a client will take notice. They may feel that the dirty flooring is a reflection of your business sense. You want to offer a good first impression to clients and one way to do so is with clean flooring. Over time, carpeting can take on a dingy appearance, especially in high-traffic areas. With regular cleaning, the carpeting can be preserved, looking its very best and helping to earn a good reputation among visitors, including clients.

How about hard surface flooring? Over time, hard surface floors can become sticky due to spills or even slick. As a business owner, you need your hard surface flooring to stay clean, providing a safe work environment for employees. With commercial cleaning in Newton, IA, you will be able to keep hard surface floors neat and tidy, without fear or stains or slick spots.

With our commercial cleaning services in Newton, IA, your business flooring will be in excellent condition. You will not have to worry about dingy flooring or work hazards. With regular cleaning, your floors stay intact. Contact our office today to learn more by calling us at (641) 792-9580.

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Understanding the Importance of Proper Water Damage Restoration in Newton, IA

February 20th, 2018 · No Comments

Water damage in the home is never good. Most homeowners have no idea how water can actually affect the home, and when an incident occurs, such as plumbing leaks or flooding, they try to handle the cleanup themselves. Over time, this results in more issues within the home. When water enters the home and causes damage, no matter how minor, water damage restoration services are required. With such services, your Newton, IA home can be protected from additional issues in the future.

 How Does Water Damage the Home?

When water is spilled on the counter or floor, it’s simply a mess to clean up. Every homeowner knows, however, that water can easily begin to seep into absorbent materials, such as carpeting and furnishings. Now imagine large volumes of water spilling into your home. Water is much harder to clean up in mass quantities and can lead to major issues in the home over time.

Whether you experience a plumbing leak or flooding in the home, water is damaging. The water instantly begins to seep into the walls, flooring, ceilings, and furnishings. When the water is not removed quickly, cleaned up properly, or the correct restoration efforts made, the home can end up being majorly affected, including the growth of mold and mildew. 

Mold and Mildew Issues

When water enters a home, it can lead to mold and mildew growth within 48 hours. For proper water damage restoration, every drop of water must be removed, and a drying process initiated immediately to ensure no moisture is left in your Newton, IA, home. For most homeowners, if they manage to remove the water, moisture remains. This moisture then spawns the growth of mold and mildew. In areas such as a basement, this can lead to major issues of mold in the home, which is unhealthy and can be costly to clean up.

With the help of ServiceMaster of Newton, your home can be free of water, along with the removal of all moisture. Water damage restoration in your Newton, IA home ensures the property will be restored to its former state with no worry of issues in the future. Contact our office today at (641) 792-9580 to learn more.

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How to Repair Your Home After a Fire With Fire Damage Restoration in Newton, IA

January 29th, 2018 · No Comments

One of a homeowner’s biggest fears is experiencing a house fire. We’ve all seen those heartbreaking news reports about homes being engulfed by flames, leaving homeowners with nothing. While Newton, IA, homeowners take precautions to avoid house fires, they can still happen. However, with professional fire damage restoration, you can recover your home and belongings.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

If you have never experienced a house fire, you probably have no idea what fire damage restoration is. ServiceMaster of Newton offers this service to help homeowners restore their home after a fire. When a fire occurs, there will be damage from the flames as well as smoke and soot. Our restoration experts will be able to assess your home and create a plan for cleaning and restoration, so you can live in the dwelling once again.

Burned materials will be removed from the home and any belongings that can be saved will be packed away while the home is being restored. Salvageable items will be taken to our secure climate-controlled storage location and restored offsite. Once restoration in your home is complete, we’ll return your salvaged belongings.

When we think of fire damage, damage from the flames comes to mind first; however, smoke and soot damage are just as detrimental to your home. Over time, soot corrodes whatever it settles on, while smoke odor can leave your home with a permanent reminder of the fire. We take special care when treating soot damage, as improper cleaning will make the damage worse or permanent. To treat smoke odor, we use deodorization fog to reach inaccessible areas of your home, such as between the walls and under the floors.

Trusting the Experts

When you look at your home after a fire, you may only be able to see the damage. At ServiceMaster of Newton, we see potential. Our experts know how to clean up fire damage in your Newton, IA, home so that you can live there once again—with no reminder of the fire that took place. For quick, expert fire damage restoration, contact our experts for assistance at (641) 792-9580.

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A Close Look at Carpet Fibers and the Effect of a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Newton, IA

January 17th, 2018 · No Comments

Carpeting may seem like an insignificant choice in the grand scheme of life, but in many ways, choosing carpeting is an important decision for your home or business. Not only does the right choice of carpeting make sense cosmetically, it can also be a practical option for building maintenance. The wide range of styles in carpeting encompass differences in material, finishing treatments, colors, and types of fibers. ServiceMaster of Newton offers professional carpet cleaning in Newton, IA, for virtually every type of carpet, protecting your investment and the longevity of your carpeting.

From natural carpets to today’s more common synthetic styles, carpeting can have a wide range of physical properties despite sharing the same role as a floor covering. Virtually all types of carpeting also share another feature: all are made up of multiple fibers held together by a backing. In the majority of carpet types, these fibers are a type of cloth, and either natural or manmade.

Examining Fibers

If you look at any cloth under a microscope or even examine it close-up with the naked eye, you can see that the fibers making up that material are made up of even smaller fibers. For example, if you look at a close-up of a carpet fiber structure, you can see the small strands that form the larger fiber. If you look even closer at a carpet fiber under a microscope, you will see the smaller fibers that make up those small fibers forming the section of carpet as a whole.

In short, your carpets are one big cloth piece made up of many, many smaller cloth pieces. As a cloth fiber, they’re porous and soft. So, what does this mean for carpet cleaning?

Carpet Fibers and Cleaning

Of the many different types of carpet fiber cuts available for homes or businesses, all are made up of similar fibers looped or cut in varying ways. Despite the reinforced strength of many strands put together, carpet fibers are susceptible to damage from furniture, abrasive dirt, harsh chemicals, oils and grease, and high heat. Even if you vacuum the recommended weekly amount, exposure of your carpet fibers to damaging outside forces is still a probable and frequent occurrence.

A professional carpet cleaning a few times a year can extend the life of your carpet fibers more than you may expect. Our high-quality cleaning solutions, experienced technicians, and state-of-the-art equipment provide an optimal clean that rejuvenates your fibers and treats them for defense against future damage.

To learn more about your carpet fibers and our professional carpet cleaning in Newton, IA, contact ServiceMaster of Newton at (641) 792-9580 today.

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Removing Grout Haze and Restoring Grout Color With Professional Floor Cleaning in Newton, IA

December 19th, 2017 · No Comments

Tiling can add a unique look to any home or business, from the classical style of white marble to colorful hand-painted ceramics. However, virtually all types of tiles installed with grouting require special treatment to maintain their quality in the long term. Because tiling is often a large investment for your home or business, it’s important to protect your tiled surfaces with the care they need. When you choose ServiceMaster of Newton for professional floor cleaning in Newton, IA, you can expect reliable, high-quality care for your tiling, no matter the material.

Tiles made from porcelain, terracotta, stones, glass, metal, other clays, cement, and even wood have to be installed using a combination of tile adhesive and grout to fill the spaces between the tiles. While grouting is effective in keeping tiling together as a cohesive unit and prevents any contaminants from sneaking beneath tiles, it can cause some problems of its own when it comes to keeping tiles clean.

Grout Haze

During installation, traces of grout can be left on your tiles if wiped away poorly. This trace of grout may not be visible, but it can act as a sticky surface for soap and dirt buildup. An accumulated substance on trace grout is called grout haze, and it can discolor your tiles, keeping them from looking perfectly clean. Our floor-cleaning technicians can fully clean dirt and soap residue from your tiles and effectively remove any traces of grouting that may be stuck to your tiles.

Grout Discoloration

 Because grouting is such a porous material, it can capture and hold moisture and organic materials for extended periods of time. When this happens, it makes an environment conducive to mold growth on your grouting. Even with a good scrubbing, mold growths will quickly return, discoloring your grouting and making your tiled floors look unclean. Our expert floor-cleaning technicians have quality equipment and cleaning solutions that completely remove mold and dirt discoloration from your grouting without damaging its integrity.

If you’re facing grout haze and darkened grouting on your tile floors, look no further than ServiceMaster of Newton for high-quality floor cleaning in Newton, IA. For more information about our residential and commercial cleaning services, contact us at (641) 792-9580 today.

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Deodorize Smell Traps in Your Home With Professional Residential Cleaning in Newton, IA

December 8th, 2017 · No Comments

Materials that make up objects present in most homes—like fabric, wood, metal, and glass—can lose integrity and longevity if proper care is neglected. While routine at-home cleaning is important for sustaining a healthy environment and building quality, your home can benefit from professional cleaning assistance in ways that even the most attentive homeowner can’t provide. ServiceMaster of Newton offers comprehensive, expert residential cleaning in Newton, IA, to give your indoor atmosphere an extra boost of cleanliness and health.

One of the problems many homes experience when it comes to a clean indoor environment is an accumulation of odors that are difficult to remove and may be less than pleasant.

With professional residential cleaning, even odors that have lingered in your home for years can be completely removed. In most homes, there are several places where odors commonly linger. These include:

Carpet: Because carpeting is made from permeable materials like nylon and polyester, it can easily trap materials that may begin to smell over time. Even when carpets are vacuumed weekly, they can accumulate mold growth, oils, and particulates too small for most vacuums to pick up. This leads to smells that can manifest as anything from mildew to rotting food matter. Our residential cleaning technicians provide reliable deodorization for virtually all types of carpeting.

Upholstery: Like carpeting, upholstery in drapes, furniture, and bedding are made of permeable materials. This means they can collect odors just as easily as carpet fibers. Unfortunately, upholstery is often more delicate and more difficult to clean than carpeting. Without the benefit of regular vacuuming that carpets have, your upholstery may accumulate odors more rapidly and at more severe levels. With our professional residential cleaning capabilities, we can remove odors from your upholstery without damaging fibers, while still providing long-term benefits.

Grout: Grouting is present in more rooms than most homeowners take note of. Used in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, basements, and more, tiling of all types demand the use of grouting. While grout is a highly effective material for installing tiling, it has its complications. Grout may be a seemingly more solid material than carpeting and fibers, but it’s porous and permeated by many particulates that can build odors over time. From mold spores to bacteria, a buildup of smelly materials in your grouting can be difficult to remove, even with the harshest of cleaning solutions. Our cleaning technicians have access to high-powered equipment and advanced cleaning materials to remove any lingering odors in your grouting.

If you’re struggling with odors in your home that just won’t go away no matter how hard you scrub, it may be time to call in the pros. Contact ServiceMaster of Newton at (641) 792-9580 today for more information about residential cleaning in Newton, IA.

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Fixing Levels of Water Damage With Commercial Cleaning in Newton, IA

November 9th, 2017 · No Comments

As the weather gets colder and rain accompanies this change, different sources of floods in your business pose a risk. While the year-round dangers of sump-pump failure and sewage line cracks continue to keep floods a threat to your building, autumn rains bring additional flooding concerns, and the impeding winter months pose potential flooding from frozen pipes and ice dams. If you experience flooding in your business, ServiceMaster of Newton is ready with emergency water damage restoration and commercial cleaning in Newton, IA.

Because of the many types of flood damage and the contaminants in various types of flood waters, a professional cleanup team can make all the difference in returning your building to pre-loss safety, preventing long-term water damage, and maintaining a healthy indoor environment in your workspace.

For each level of water damage, different levels of commercial cleaning services are required.

Water Damage Levels

  • Level 1: For minor cases of water damage caused by extreme humidity for extended periods of time or localized indoor floods with clean water, our cleaning technicians work to remove unwanted water, remediate mold growth, dehydrate the indoor environment, and sanitize.
  • Level 2: In cases where more severe flooding has affected a building with clean or brackish waters, our cleaning technicians treat the scene with emergency water damage restoration and commercial cleaning services. Our teams locate sources of flooding still in action, and when further water damage is fully prevented, our restoration technicians remove water with truck-mounted and portable pumps. Any remaining traces of water are dehydrated with our advanced structural drying action, and water damage repair services are provided for affected areas of your building and the items inside. Finally, our cleaning technicians provide mold prevention, contamination removal, disinfection treatments, and complete commercial cleaning.
  • Level 3: If flooding from black waters and sewage occurs, our water damage and cleaning crews take action to prevent building and health damage. When level 3 water damage occurs, the source is often drain backup, sewage, or large scale natural flooding. Our restoration and commercial cleaning crews work to prevent the dangers of long-term building damage and to return your business to a sanitary environment. This includes our comprehensive water damage restoration services as well as our full commercial cleaning services from carpet cleaning to deodorization.

If your business has been affected by water damage at any level, professional water damage restoration and cleanup services are crucial to return your building to pre-loss conditions and maintain a healthy workspace. For more information about our comprehensive restoration and commercial cleaning in Newton, IA, contact ServiceMaster of Newton at (641) 792-9580 today.

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