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Office Cleaning Tips and Why Professional Commercial Cleaning is Crucial for the Success of Your Business in Newton, IA

June 19th, 2020 · No Comments

As any business owner knows, whether their business is big or small, local or countrywide, appearances are very important. You need to have an attractive website and update it frequently, make sure your employees give a good first impression and strive for excellent customer service, and stay on your toes when it comes to the best marketing tactics.


What may not occur to you is the fact that your office has to be clean and presentable, even if potential customers and clients never set foot inside the building. How can you achieve this without spending too much money? Why should you look into commercial cleaning?


Wipe Down Items to Prevent Spreading of Germs

It’s not uncommon for illnesses to be spread at offices, especially when something is making its way through the community. If you want to cut down on sick days in your office, it’s a good idea to wipe down certain areas with disinfectant wipes. Think about common touch spots such as doorknobs, keyboards, office phones, and elevator buttons. We’re not saying you should do this every other minute, but it’s important to stay on top of things. Countertops in the employee break room should also be wiped down when possible to help prevent the spread of germs or protect employees with food allergies from cross contamination.


Vacuum Carpets Daily and Empty Trashcans

A clean office is a productive office. If your office trashcans are overflowing and smell, who would be able to concentrate on their work? Dirty carpets can also make people uncomfortable, especially if there are large, noticeable stains. Commercial cleaning will help you for the most part, but you can also do your part by vacuuming carpeting on a daily basis.


Stock Up on Soap and Tissues

While it won’t help if you need serious cigarette smoke removal assistance, stocking your bathrooms with soap and tissues will help keep your office clean in another way. People will be less likely to spread illnesses if they wash their hands frequently and use tissues to cover coughs and sneezes.


Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA, for reliable, thorough, and economical commercial cleaning assistance. We can be reached on our website or at (641) 792-9580.

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Cold or Mold? The Signs to Look for and Why Professional Water Damage Restoration is Crucial for Your Health in Newton, IA

June 12th, 2020 · No Comments

We all get sick, no matter how old we are or where we live. It can ruin an otherwise nice weekend or fun vacation, leaving you or a member of your family feeling miserable and frustrated. What happens if you feel sick and just aren’t getting better, suffering for weeks or months at a time with no idea what could be causing the problem? Do you have a persistent cold? Is it your allergies? Are you looking at a possible mold infestation in your home?


You might think mold is simply an annoyance and not something to really feel concerned about, but mold can actually damage your health. Professional water damage restoration is one way to help you avoid mold growth, but here’s how to know if you already have a mess on your hands.


The Symptoms Aren’t Going Away or They’re Getting Worse

Mold allergy symptoms are very similar to cold and regular allergy symptoms and include watery or itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, and a runny nose. It’s very easy to get them mixed up, but there’s an important factor to keep in mind – if it’s a mold allergy and there’s mold in your home, these symptoms don’t go away. Whether it’s spring or summer, it makes no difference. The symptoms can also worsen and lead to issues like hypersensitivity pneumonitis.


You Recently Had Water Damage in Your Home

If you had water damage in your home recently due to flooding or plumbing issues, you may be dealing with mold. Just like you would hire a company for professional cigarette smoke removal, so should you hire a company to deal with water damage restoration. The sooner you do this, the less likely it is that mold will continue to develop, spread, and infest your home.


Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA today for reliable and thorough water damage restoration assistance. We can be reached online or at (641) 792-9580.

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How to Remove Smoke Smells from Your Home (and Why Professional Cigarette Smoke Removal Is Best) in Newton, IA

May 23rd, 2020 · No Comments

As we move through our day-to-day lives in Newtown, IA, we find ourselves coming across all kinds of smells. Some odors are nice, while others may be unpleasant. As soon as we step inside our home after a long day at work or a few hours spent outside, we certainly don’t want any unpleasant smells to interfere with us relaxing and unwinding. However, if you currently have cigarette smoke odors in your home, you may not be able to escape them. But don’t worry—getting rid of this particular odor isn’t impossible, especially if you have the help of a professional cigarette smoke removal company. However, if you’d like to first try to get rid of the smell yourself, the following tips will help.

Open Windows

One of the first actions you can take to remove cigarette smoke, if it’s at all possible, is to open the windows in your home, particularly the windows in the area where the cigarette smoke smell is prominent. If you want a long-lasting cleaning effect, don’t leave the windows open for just a short amount of time (say, a few minutes); instead, leave the windows open for at least a half hour. This is one of the easiest ways to achieve your goal of getting fresh air into your home, while pushing out the dirty, unpleasant smell.

Clean Ashtrays

If you have one or more ashtrays in your home (and chances are, if you have smokers in the house, you do), frequently empty and clean them. However, before you throw out cigarette remnants, make sure the butts are completely extinguished. This way, you won’t risk a fire starting in your trash cans. If an ashtray is broken or worn or you simply can’t get out the cigarette smell, consider throwing it out.

Turn on Fans

If you’re in the middle of spring cleaning and just finished removing the cigarette smell from your home, turn on any fans you might have, which will also improve the air circulation.

One way to ensure that the cigarette smell will completely disappear is by hiring a professional cigarette smoke removal company.

Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA, for reliable cigarette smoke removal assistance. We can be reached through our website or call us at (641) 792-9580.

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Spring Cleaning Tips from Professional Carpet Cleaners

May 12th, 2020 · No Comments

Now that spring is here, you’ve probably already packed away the jackets and gloves, and you’re possibly thinking about all the things you can do outdoors with your family, even if you don’t plan to travel very far.


While it’s great to plan a trip to the zoo or even a picnic in your own backyard, if you want your family to be truly happy, you also have to think about what you can do to keep your home safe and clean the spring. Not only will a clean home help your mood, it can also help if you or any member of your family has allergies. So, what cleaning steps should you take? Should you consider hiring professional carpet cleaners at some point?


Clear Away the Dust

Dust can irritate allergies, so it’s important to cut down on the amount of dust in your home. You don’t have to grab a dust cloth every other hour and go to town, but if you spot dust, maybe in a corner or on a bookshelf, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. It’s an easy enough task and will only take a few minutes of your time, if that much.


Clean Your Carpeting

Vacuum your carpeting as often as you can. While you may not be able to see it, dust, dander, and other irritants can hide in the fibers of your carpeting. Hiring professional carpet cleaners every few months (or once or twice a year) can help you stay on top of things. If you’re lucky, the company you hire may even be able to help you with ceramic tile cleaning.


Allow for Proper Ventilation

If you keep your doors and windows closed all the time, air can’t properly circulate through your home. When the weather is warm enough, make sure at least one door or window is open.

If you can’t do this, run a fan or two.


When you need expert carpet cleaning services in Newton, IA, contact ServiceMaster of Newton. Our professional carpet cleaners can be reached online, or call us at (641) 732-9580.

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Tips for Protecting Your Kitchen Floor (and Why Professional Ceramic Tile Cleaning is a Good Idea) When You Have Pets in Newton, IA

April 25th, 2020 · No Comments

Do you have pets, particularly of the furry variety, in your home or do you plan to add one or more in the near future? Do you often struggle to keep your kitchen floor clean, unsure if you should call a professional ceramic tile cleaning company or simply deal with the stains and dirt on your own? If you need to have more cleaning power in your home, especially if you have pets that create more messes than you think you can deal with, you can implement the following tips to help. If you still have questions about your cleaning options, don’t worry because ServiceMaster of Newton is here to help. To learn more after reading this article, call us at (641) 792-9580.

Give Your Pets Somewhere Else to Go

Chances are, your pets want to be wherever you are, including the kitchen. While this can be a great way to bond with your pets and strengthen your relationship, if you want to keep your floor clean, you have to encourage them to leave you alone in the kitchen whenever possible. This can be achieved by giving them another place to be. For example, you could buy them a nice bed and place the bed in the living room or family room. Make it comfortable and inviting. When you do this, your pets are less likely to get hair and other particles all over your ceramic tile. This won’t necessarily help you avoid the need for professional ceramic tile cleaning, but it certainly won’t hurt.

Clean Up Stains Immediately

If your pet vomits on your flooring or slops food/drink while eating, you need to make sure you clean up the mess as soon as possible. If you don’t do anything about such spills, they could turn into unsightly stains that you might not be able to remove easily. To prevent food/drink spills, you can place pet bowls on a mat that can be easily lifted and cleaned.

However, if you truly want to keep your flooring clean, contact a commercial company that specializes in ceramic tile cleaning.

Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA, for reliable ceramic tile cleaning assistance. We can be reached online, or call us on the phone at (641) 792-9580.

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Why You Should Have Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Done Regularly in Newton, IA

April 9th, 2020 · No Comments

Running a household can be stressful. When you have to keep your family fed, get to work, walk the dog, and put the laundry away, there isn’t much time for other things. When you’re truly stressed, you probably only see what’s obvious. You only take care of the parts of your home that you deem the most important.


That doesn’t mean, however, that you can and should neglect part of what makes your home safe and sanitary – oriental rug cleaning, for instance. It might seem trivial or a waste of money, but there are many benefits. If you care about your oriental rug, keep reading!


The Rug Will Look Better and Make Your Home More Attractive

Even if your home is squeaky clean otherwise, your flooring and any rugs that might be on it are one of the first things people notice when they walk into a room. If your rug is covered with dirt and stains, even if you work yourself to death washing windows and fluffing pillows, it won’t mean anything. A professional rug cleaning ensures that every part of your room looks good, and you’ll leave a great first impression for new visitors. This is definitely something you should keep in mind. Best of all, you won’t have to do it yourself – all you have to do is sit back and watch someone else work.


Makes Your Home Cleaner and More Sanitary

It goes without saying that a professional carpet cleaning can do wonders for your home, especially when it comes to keeping your home safe and sanitary. Rugs can harbor all kinds of things, from pet dander to bacteria to dirt. If a member of your family is sensitive or allergic to something, your rugs could have this substance in them and set the allergy off. Oriental rug cleaning will keep you on top of things.


Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA today at (641) 792-9580 for thorough and reliable oriental rug cleaning.

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Tips for Protecting Your Carpeting in Winter and Why You Need Professional Floor Cleaning in Newton, IA

March 19th, 2020 · No Comments

While some people might enjoy winter, for others, it may leave a lot to be desired. Sure, the snow can be fun to play in, but who wants to shovel it? Who wants to deal with black ice on the road? Who wants to be late for work because they had to spend so much time scraping ice off their car windows?


Yes, winter can be a real pain when you step outside, but what happens when you step inside? For one, road salt and melted snow can cause all kinds of issues for your carpeting. If you want to keep your home looking fresh and clean, here are some tips you may enjoy. Don’t forget – if you ever have questions about professional carpet cleaning, call us at (641) 792-9580.


Door Mats are Your Friend

To prevent stains and other damage on their flooring, many people put floor mats in front of every entrance. If people insist that they can’t take off their shoes, they can wipe them against the mats to get rid of most of the dirt and other outdoor filth. Otherwise, your guests can place their shoes on the mats for safe keeping. Don’t use oriental rugs for this or you might have to look into oriental rug cleaning on top of professional carpet cleaning.


Vacuum Before and After Parties

Why should you vacuum before parties? The fact is, if you have any dirt in your carpeting, guests could walk over these trouble spots and make the situation worse. Likewise, you should always vacuum after a party so crumbs and other debris won’t become embedded. Sure, it takes extra time out of your day, but it’s worth it.


Look into Professional Floor Cleaning

Of course, even if you vacuum your home twice a day, you still may not get everything. That’s why a deep cleaning is so important. For that, you need a skilled carpet cleaning company.


Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA today for reliable professional carpet cleaning assistance. We can be reached using our contact form or calling us at (641) 792-9580.

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Common Causes of Flooding (and the Need for Flood Damage Repair)

March 6th, 2020 · No Comments

You might not like to think about it, especially if you live in a safe and active community, but disaster can and does happen, no matter who you are or what you do. It can happen to you personally or to the home you live in, whether it’s a modest ranch or an opulent mansion. Your home typically shelters you from the weather and gives you a place to store your possessions, but it also requires a lot of care and attention. Houses can be quite vulnerable to problems, especially flooding. But what, exactly, causes flooding? When does the need for flood damage repair come into play? What should you look out for as you go through the motions of preventing a disaster?


Broken (or Leaking) Plumbing

You may not see the plumbing in your home every day, but that doesn’t mean there are no problems and you don’t have to worry about anything. Pipes can burst with a fluctuation of temperature or they could suffer damage from water pressure. A damaged pipe can flood your home in a matter of minutes, so in order to prevent this disaster and the need for flood damage cleanup, ask a plumber to inspect your home’s plumbing.


Natural Disasters

Of course, we don’t have complete control over what happens in our homes. Sometimes, homes flood as a result of natural disasters. Flooding could occur because of a strong rainstorm, for example. If you want to give your home a fighting chance, check for cracks in your foundation. Also, have someone inspect your roof and perform any needed repairs as soon as possible.


Clogged Sewer Lines

Floor damage repair can also become necessary because of clogged toilets. Don’t treat your toilets like trash cans (i.e., don’t put foreign items such as toys, bottles, food, and feminine napkins in them). When in doubt, don’t flush it.

Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA, for reliable flood damage repair assistance. We can be reached on our website, or call us on the phone at (641) 792-9580.

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How to Perform Soot Removal on Walls in Your Newton, IA, Home

February 24th, 2020 · No Comments

Soot is never something you want in your home because not only is it unsightly and uncomfortable, reminding anyone and everyone that a fire occurred in your home, but it can also be bad for your health. That’s because soot is a carbon residue that, if inhaled, could harm your body and lead to lung disease or other health problems. You may not want to think about it or deal with it, but the soot must be removed from your home as soon as possible. But how do you perform proper soot removal, and should you simply hire a company to deal with it instead of removing it yourself? Before you decide and move forward with your chosen plan, here are some steps that you can take to attempt to get rid of the soot by yourself. If you have any questions, be sure to call ServiceMaster of Newton at (641) 792-9580.

Ventilate Your Home

Because of the health issues previously mentioned, you need to allow fresh air to circulate. Even if it’s the middle of winter, open the doors and windows of your home. Turn on fans wherever you can. And don’t do this for only a few minutes; instead, perform these tasks at least an hour if you want to be extra careful.

Wear Protective Gear

Don’t try to perform soot removal or fire damage removal in your shorts and T-shirt. You need to wear something that covers as much of your skin as possible, including gloves and safety glasses. You never really know what could happen if soot falls into your eyes or layers your skin.

Empty the Room and Protect Your Flooring

Protecting your flooring and furniture will ensure less of a mess and avoid the loss of important possessions in your home.

Get a Dry Cleaning Sponge

Procure a dry cleaning sponge and use downward and overlapping strokes to remove the soot. Take your time and don’t get frustrated. Also, wipe, but don’t scrub, no matter how rushed you feel. This will only make the situation worse.

Of course, for the best results, you really need the help of experts.

Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA, for reliable soot removal assistance. We can be reached on our website, or call us on the phone at (641) 792-9580.

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The Importance of a Good Professional Floor Cleaning in the New Year

February 4th, 2020 · No Comments

 The last 12 months have been great for you and your family in Newton, IA. You have so much to be thankful for, and you’ve really enjoyed the holiday season. Now you probably want to sit back, relax, and not do much for the next few weeks. You’ve done so much, seen so much, planned so much, why should you care if you neglect your home a little bit? What could it hurt? But no matter what time of the year it is, you need to make sure your home stays clean and safe for your friends and family. If you want the New Year to be free of issues, for example, you need to look into professional floor cleaning. But why? Do you really need to worry about your floors? Who will notice a stain or two?


Get Rid of Allergens in the Atmosphere

During the winter, people can track in all kinds of allergens that might irritate your allergies. If you want to get rid of such issues and don’t want to deal with a runny nose or rash, you need to have your floors thoroughly cleaned. But it’s not just allergens—road salt, dirt, and more can get on your flooring. You need to deal with these, too.


Enter the New Year with a Clean Slate

Don’t you want your home to enter the new year fresh and clean? If you’re ready to make a new start, this is a great way to do so.


One Less Task to Worry About

Once you’re finally done relaxing, you’re probably going to start feeling stressed thinking about everything you have to do—all the tasks you neglected. If you hire professional floor cleaning experts, cleaning your floor is one less job you have to do on your own. Just like you would feel better about hiring a fire damage repair company after you experience a fire, so would you feel better if somebody else handles this chore.

Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA, for reliable professional floor cleaning assistance. We can be reached using our easy contact form or calling us at (641) 792-9580.

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