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Fire Damage from a Tree Fire

December 28th, 2020 · No Comments

As the holiday season was approaching it was difficult for your family to deal with the thought of having to celebrate separate from others. To help the situation you bought a real tree for the first time, and when the decorating was complete, the tree looked absolutely remarkable. When you own a real tree, there are some safety tips you should be aware of, and as the fire damage restoration experts in Newton, IA, ServiceMaster of Newton would like to share a few.

Real trees can be a big fire hazard. While real trees smell and look amazing, they can also be a fire hazard. As the tree dries out it becomes more flammable, and it’s important to be aware of the situation. By ensuring your tree has adequate water you can slow the drying process and make your tree less of a fire hazard. The types of lights you use can also make a difference. LED lights are nice and bright and don’t emit heat that can cause a fire. You also need to make sure that anything that produces heat, such as candles or wax warmers, are kept away from the tree. Even if the tree is adequately hydrated, open flames can cause the tree to go up in flames.

Fire damage can lead to secondary damage unless the cleanup process is started quickly. When a fire is extinguished the water and soot combine to make a sludge. The longer this sludge sits on your items, the harder it is to restore those items and return them to their original state. The technicians at ServiceMaster of Newton have the training and tools needed to ensure the fire damage restoration is done quickly and your belongings don’t suffer from secondary damage.

Your belongings aren’t the only things that need to be restored. It’s important to perform an HVAC cleaning after a fire as part of the fire damage restoration process. Any smoke, soot, or debris floating in the air during the fire can find its way into your furnace and ductwork. If your furnace and ductwork aren’t cleaned after a fire, the soot and other debris will be blown back into your home every time the furnace turns on, resulting in health issues for anyone living in your Newton, IA home.

ServiceMaster of Newton has the trained technicians, equipment, and modern solutions to help those in Newton, IA with all their fire damage restoration needs. If your home has suffered fire damage, give ServiceMaster of Newton a call at (641) 792-9580.

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