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The Magic of Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors with Professional Floor Cleaning in Newton, IA

June 16th, 2017 · No Comments

Hardwood flooring is one of the most coveted types of hard surface flooring due to its many attributes. Not only does hardwood flooring work well as a cosmetic and practical choice in a wide variety of settings, there are also many choices within the category of hardwood flooring for your home or business. However, no matter what kind of paneling, tiling, or sheeting of hardwood flooring you choose, your floors need a certain level of care and maintenance to retain their quality and longevity. ServiceMaster of Newton goes above and beyond that level of care with our comprehensive, expert floor cleaning in Newton, IA.

Part of the quality, comprehensive services you will receive when you take advantage of our hardwood floor cleaning is a professional stripping and refinishing process.

Why Refinish?

Most hardwood floors last about 20 years before they begin to show signs of age, wear, and tear. The period of time before the end of those 20 years is when regularly scheduled stripping and refinishing can return you floors to a “brand new” condition. Because the standard thickness of most hardwood flooring is 3/4 of an inch, it’s likely your floors can undergo six to eight refinishing during those first 20 years.

Our professional floor cleaning technicians will clean your hardwood floors before stripping a thin layer from the surface to remove scratches, discoloration, stains, rough areas, and any other signs of typical damage accumulated over the years. After fully stripping your floors, our technicians will restore the surface quality with a high functioning finish that seals and protects your hardwood floors while giving them a brand new look again.

Not only does stripping and refinishing your hardwood floors extend your floor’s life and help maintain its high quality, it also costs you less on flooring in the long run. For more information about the benefits of stripping and refinishing with professional floor cleaning in Newton, IA, contact ServiceMaster of Newton at (641) 792-9580 today.

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