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ServiceMaster of Newton will Provide Water Damage Restoration services no Matter the Class of Water Damage in Newton, IA

December 21st, 2015 · No Comments

Water damage is a common form of disaster within a home and should be taken seriously at all times. In order to prevent any further damage or potential illness you’ll want to react as quickly as possible. Some might see water damage the same, no matter what it takes to repair it. There are, however, four different types or “classes” of water damage, and knowing them will help educate you on how to proceed with repairs. No matter the level of damage, you will want to call in the experts from ServiceMaster of Newton. With water damage restoration services provided for those in Newton, IA, homeowners can be certain they’ll recover quickly from their water crisis.

Information regarding the classification of water damage can be found at www.thewaterpage.com.

  • Class 1: This level of water damage is very minimal. At this stage water hasn’t been absorbed very much, making it fairly easy to mitigate.
  • Class 2: Having water damage fitting in this class means the water has a faster evaporation rate and has been absorbed further into the material it contacted. Materials such as cushions and carpet are possibly damaged at this point.
  • Class 3: This type of water damage has the fastest evaporation rate and the source is usually from overhead sprinklers which covers walls and furniture.
  • Class 4: Usually affects hardwood floors, plaster, and concrete. Water damage in this class needs a special process for mitigation.

Once the class of damage has been identified one can go about attempting to remove the water from the area. It’s extremely important the water damage is dealt with as soon as possible. If it isn’t, there could be a substantial amount of damage leading to loss of personal items. The moisture in the area may also lead to mold growth which could lead to sickness.

If you have water damage and live in Newton, IA, you can avoid any of these issues by calling ServiceMaster of Newton for our water damage restoration services. No matter what class of damage you have, we will alleviate the problem.

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