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Tips to Care for Hardwood Flooring (And Why Professional Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Is a Good Idea)

August 18th, 2020 · No Comments

While many people enjoy installing carpeting in their home, other homeowners prefer hardwood flooring, which is attractive aesthetically and adds character to what you might consider an otherwise dull space. Hardwood flooring can actually be a selling point when your home is on the market, and you can always add carpeting later if you find it doesn’t work for you. However, while hard flooring does come with many benefits, it requires a certain kind of care to keep it looking clean. So what are you supposed to do, and should you really consider hiring a hard surface floor cleaning company for help? Keep reading to find out more.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

If you should spill a drink on your flooring, don’t leave it unattended. If you spill water, for example, you might think it won’t do any damage (it’s just water, right?). Yet too much moisture in your flooring can cause splitting and gapping in the wood, not to mention water stains. You don’t want cause any damage, especially if you want your flooring to last a long time. So wipe up spills or other messes with paper towels or a cloth as quickly as possible.

Vacuum More Frequently

While it may be easy to hide crumbs, dirt, and other problems with carpeting, when a hardwood floor is dirty, it’s much more obvious. While this doesn’t mean you should be cleaning it every other hour, you should vacuum about once a week. Avoid using the vacuum cleaner aggressively or you could cause scratching. When it comes to hard surface floor cleaning, you need be careful.

Be Mindful When Moving Your Possessions

If you’re moving furniture or carrying items that could drop on the floor and cause dents or scratching, take extra precautions.

Hire Professional Hard Surface Floor Cleaners

To truly keep your hardwood flooring in good shape, hire a professional hard surface floor cleaning company. Just as you would go to professionals for upholstery cleaning, so you should give your flooring the same expert care and attention.

Contact ServiceMaster of Newton in Newton, IA, for reliable hard surface floor cleaning assistance. We can be reached on our website, or call us on the phone at (641) 792-9580.

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