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Causes of Winter Basement Flooding and How Water Damage Restoration in Newton, IA, Helps

February 4th, 2019 · No Comments

A basement can flood at any time of the year, yet many home owners are surprised to find that this area of their home can flood during the winter months. Indeed, the winter season can pose the highest risk for flooding; however, many of the top reasons for basement flooding can be avoided with preventative maintenance. If your basement floods during the winter season, it’s important to have a water damage restoration company on standby to assist your Newton, IA, home.


Main Causes of Winter Basement Flooding

There are several reasons that a basement can flood in your home during the winter months. From frozen concrete to faulty plumbing to blocked drains to heavy rains, a basement can be susceptible to water issues that result in flooding and water damage.

With the right water damage restoration team by your side, your Newton, IA, home will be restored to its former state. The most common reason that a home floods during winter is a plumbing pipe break. Faulty plumbing or ignoring proper precautions during overnight freeze warnings can lead to pipe breakage.

Freezing water can also affect the concrete foundation of a home. The frozen water can cause the concrete to crack, which can lead to water entering your home. In any case, the water needs to be removed and the area assessed for damage—a process that is best completed by experts.


Professional Assistance

When your home is affected by water, our water damage restoration experts in Newton, IA, are ready to assist. Our team can assess the damage and determine a plan of action to remove any standing water and get your home back in proper working order.

First, all standing water and moisture must be removed because remaining water or moisture can cause mold and mildew, which creates a new set of problems in your home. Give our experts a call for all your water damage restoration needs. We can be reached via telephone at (641) 792-9580. Learn more about our services today to see how we can assist when water affects your home!

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